Postcards by
Bayashi In Japan

Pascal Baillehache

Price per postcard :
Price per set :

55 yen

Volume discount !
Buy 100 or more of the same postcard
and pay only
50 yen
per postcard.

5 postcards : 200 yen

10 postcards : 330 yen

In case you wish to take the postcards in deposit, the price per postcard is 80 yen, per set of 5 postcards 265 yen, and per set of 10 postcards 440 yen. Payment of effectively sold postcards is due every two months. You're totally free to choose the way and the price you want to sell the postcards. Return of postcards may be asked at anytime and can't be refused. Payment of non returned postcards is mandatory. We can exchange you up to 5 damaged postcards per month in case of postcard in deposit. This service is not available for private individuals and outside Japan.

Delivering Fee :

To Japan To Foreign
1-9 postcards
300 yen or Free (*) 300 yen or 2500 yen (**)
10-49 postcards
400 yen or Free (*) 550 yen or 2500 yen (**)
50-99 postcards
10-19 sets
550 yen or Free (*) 2500 yen
100+ postcards
20+ sets

(*) If the delivery location is in Kyoto/Osaka area we may be able to deliver for free. Please contact me for confirmation.
(**) You can choose between a fast, guaranteed and trackable service (2500 yen) or the regular one. Please check the detail of delivering methods below.

Payment :

The payment can be made only by Paypal (strongly encouraged), Transfer of money or Cash (in case of delivery hand-by-hand). The payment is due prior to the delivery (except for deposit service as described above). Details will be provided once we will receive your order.

Delivering Process and Delay :

As soon as we receive your order we check the information you filled in. If there is no problem we send you a confirmation email with the amount due and the details about payment within 3-4 days. In the same time we prepare your order. Once your payment as been successfully completed we send your postcards, or we come within 2-4 days to deliver you personnally. In case you choose a trackable delivery service we provide you the tracking reference number. The delay for delivering depends on the delivering method and delivering location. If we have all the postcards you required in stock it will take the normal delay from Japan, Kyoto to your delivering location plus 3-4 days. If we ran out of stock we re-order immediately the postcards to be printed and it takes around one week to be performed. The delay becomes then around 10 days plus the delay from Japan, Kyoto to your delivering location. We check with care our stock to avoid as much as possible "out of stock" delay.

Delivering Methods :

To Japan :

Each postcard is protected by an individual plastic pocket. Your order is delivered in wrapping paper or cardboard box with the Yuupack delivery services of the Japan Post. The delivery can also be done hand-by-hand for Kyoto and Osaka area (contact me for details). A receipt of your payment and delivery is included in each package. In case of delivery of postcards in deposit, a acknowledgement of receipt is also included. It must be signed and sent back as soon as possible.

To Foreign Countries :

Each postcard is protected by an individual plastic pocket. Your order is delivered in wrapping paper or cardboard box with the "standard airmail package" service of Japan Post for less than 50 postcards, or the "EMS" service of Japan Post for 50 or more postcards. You can also require your package to be sent by EMS whatever the number of postcards it contains, to benefit of the rapidity and security of this service. EMS also allows you to track you package on Internet. We strongly recommend to use this kind of delivery. A receipt of your payment and delivery is included in each package.

In case of Cancelation/Non Delivery/Damaged Package :

Unfortunately we don't provide cancelation services and payments are not refundable for any reason in case of cancelation.
In case of non delivery, if you've used a trackable service (EMS or yuupack) and the loss is proven by this service, we will refund your payment via Paypal only if you're in foreign country, or Paypal or Transfer of money or cash only if you're in Japan.
We prepare your package with the highest care. We are sorry but we can't be taken responsible for its eventual deterioration during transportation.

Others :

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